Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hair Drug Testing in UK from DNA Bioscience

Why Hair Drug Testing?

The UK Courts recognise the presence of drug traces in human hair as irrefutable evidence. As a single hair sample provides a historic record of drug use of up to 3 months, it not only differentiates between one off and persistent drug usage patterns, it also eliminates the need for costly and disruptive regular urine drug testing.

DNA Test

Hair samples are easy to take and to store and transport. Hair drug testing is also over 5 times more sensitive than urinalysis.

How Hair Drug Testing Works?

4 Quik Step:

  • Place Instruction with DNA Bioscience
  • Sample Collection Process commences
  • Analysis Begins
  • Reports produced

UK Adress:
DNA Bioscience
10 Old Bailey, London
Local Rate UK: 0845 408 2084