Thursday, September 01, 2011

How to Pass Hair Drug Test

If you are looking for how to pass hair drug test, you should consider a lot of options, while some of these options are popular, some are not that popular or people have not come to realize that such agents can also be used in one form or the other to pass drug hair test. Some of the agents that can be used for passing drug hair test include; Cleansing and detox products, Certo (sure gel), and Gold seal.

How to pass hair drug test

Cleansing and detox products are formulated in so many ways, many people do believe that such products are only formulated for cleansing the internal parts of the body, as a matter of fact, here are cleansing products which are formulated for the outer part of the body and they can help in removing hair impurities and drug residues, they are made up of some ultra-cleansing materials as well as hair cleansing shampoos which can be used just few hours before the actual test or few days continuously until the several hours before the testing period. Aside for the general hair detox agent, there are other several individualized detox agents such as marijuana detox, and cocaine detox agents.

If you are looking for how to pass hair drug test through a dilution method, then the CERTO (otherwise known as sure gel) should be a good alternative agent for your needs, CERTO comes in a packet and you can mix it with about 1 liter of water and thoroughly massage it into your hair few hours before a test is conducted, there are some CERTO dilution agents that can be consumed some 5 hours before the actual test and then wash down with 2 glasses of water and watch as neutralization occur.

Gold seal is a internal cleansing agent which can be used to pass hair drug test, around 7 capsules is taken the first day and then the dosage is reduced by 1 capsule everyday for a complete week, this agent works best for those who can stop using drugs at least 1 week before test is conducted.